A damaged, worn-out, or discolored teeth can deteriorate your confidence and self-esteem. Our dentists at Springs Dental offer a wide range of preventive dental procedures that help to maintain your overall oral health.

Cosmetics Dentistry

If you want bright, white, and stain-free teeth, then visit our Springs Dental office in Plantation, FL. Here, we offer a wide range of cosmetic dental procedures that will help you smile and speak confidently in public.


Whether you have gums covering a large portion of your teeth or a gum disease, our periodontal treatments are designed to meet your all-around needs. the procedures will help you to have a perfect and healthy smile.

Oral Surgery

Whether you need a wisdom tooth removal or a bone graft after extractions, our fully-equipped dental office has state-of-the-art equipment and trained dentists to perform the required dental surgery on you.

Other Services

We offer emergency dentistry and family dentistry service to our patients in Plantation. FL, and nearby areas. We also serve out-of-town patients and cater to their all-around dental needs.