Smile Makeover

A smile makeover is a combination of two or more cosmetic dental procedures, and it aims toward improving your smile appearance. From bridges to implants, everything can be a part of your smile makeover procedure, depending on your dental issues and smile goals.

Your dentist in Plantation, FL, will first check the condition of your teeth and decide which smile makeover procedures you will need to reach your smile goals. They will also improve your dental health during the procedures. The initial assessment would include a thorough check-up by the dentist, followed by dental X-rays (if needed) to understand your teeth, jaws, and gum conditions. To give a new makeover to your smile, it is essential that you visit your dentist’s office in Plantation, FL, whenever asked for, to get the desired results. Depending on your smile goals and oral needs, it might take up to two weeks to get the procedure done.


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What are the benefits of a smile makeover?

There are several benefits of getting a smile makeover, like:

  • It gives a boost to your confidence.
  • It improves your speech.
  • It gives you better facial aesthetics.
  • It is designed to give you greater professional success.
  • It helps to enhance your oral functions and overall health.

Getting a smile makeover in Plantation, FL

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