Spring Dental of Plantation offers comprehensive dental examinations to detect the conditions of your teeth, gums, and overall mouth. Periodic check-ups can help early detect a wide range of oral issues, like periodontal problems, oral cancer, etc. The sooner they get detected, the lesser complicated your treatment will be.

Comprehensive dental care at the Spring Dental of Plantation includes a wide range of treatments. We offer all-around services to help maintain and restore your healthy oral conditions. It will enhance your smile aesthetics and improve oral functionalities so that you can live worry-free.


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What is detected during comprehensive treatments?

The comprehensive treatment plans take care of a wide range of dental problems like:

  • Decays– It is one of the most common dental issues that can cause a lot of pain and even lead to tooth loss. During a comprehensive examination, your dentist in Plantation, FL, will check your mouth for decay and take the necessary steps to cure it.
  • Periodontal diseases– Gum diseases remain unidentified at an early stage as no symptoms are associated with them. Only when you go for comprehensive exams at your dentist will they be able to detect that you have gingivitis and take the required steps.
  • Oral cancer– oral cancer can be cured easily if detected at an early stage. When you visit your dentist for comprehensive oral exams, ask them to conduct an oral cancer screening too.

Getting comprehensive dental examination in Plantation, FL

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