People can lose teeth due to many reasons like aging, trauma, gum diseases, and many more. Whatever the cause might be, tooth loss will ultimately cause many disruptions in your everyday activities, like problems with speaking, chewing, etc. It will also impact your facial aesthetics, making you feel less confident about how you look. Traditionally, dentures are used to replace missing teeth, but if you want a more permanent and natural-looking solution, all-on-four can be a great alternative.

All-on-four can be described as your permanent set of teeth, which looks and feels like your natural teeth. The treatment is effective and reliable, and it helps the patient get a more stable solution than traditional dentures. It works by providing a strong anchorage to your replacement teeth. You will be able to replace a full arch of your missing teeth with only four dental implants and restorations like implant-supported dentures, implant-supported bridges, etc.


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What are the benefits of all-on-four implants?

The all-on-four implants offer a wide range of benefits compared to other restorative techniques, like:

  • This is a safe and fast procedure that is less invasive and suitable for various dental issues.
  • It does not need additional maintenance- you will just have to brush and floss your teeth.
  • You can expect high-quality and comfortable results with this treatment.
  • It helps to prevent jaw bone deterioration and restores your facial aesthetics.
  • It helps to boost your self-confidence and improves your quality of life.

Getting all-on-four dental implants in Plantation, FL

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