Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer is one of the most abundantly occurring forms of cancer among adults and children. Every year around 52,000 people in the USA are diagnosed with this deadly disease. Even though oral cancer is life-threatening, it can be easily cured if detected early. There are several reasons that can cause oral cancer, and if you are exposed to any, you need to be more careful.

If you are experiencing a lump or sore inside your mouth, do not delay visiting your dentist immediately. At Spring Dental of Plantation, our dentist conduct thorough oral cancer screening to detect any cancerous or pre-cancerous signs. When you come for your regular dental check-up at our dental office in Plantation, FL, do not forget to get your oral cancer screening done. You can also visit for a screening if you experience any symptoms of oral cancer at any time.


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What are the probable causes of oral cancer?

People with the following issues are more prone to getting oral cancer:

  • If you consume excessive tobacco or alcohol.
  • If they are exposed to the sun for a longer period.
  • If they have acquired a sexually transmitted disease called Human Papillomavirus or HPV.
  • If anyone has a history of oral cancer or a weak immune system.

Getting oral cancer screening in Plantation, FL

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