Extractions & Bone Graft

Your dentist always tries to save your natural teeth, which is why they use many procedures to reduce decay. But sometimes, the decays and damages are so intense that extraction is the only way out. Dental extraction can be defined as the procedure of pulling or surgically removing your impacted tooth. Once the tooth is removed, it leaves behind an empty socket which supported the tooth. The soft tissue surrounding the surgical site heals and slowly closes the socket. However, the bone in that area tends to reabsorp or shrink, which reduces its volume. This can hamper its ability to support the neighboring teeth and also the tooth replacements like dental implants.

This is why bone grafting is performed along with tooth extraction. The procedure involves placing new bone in the tooth socket immediately after your natural tooth is extracted. The site is then closed and the bone graft is given enough time to integrate with the rest of your jawbones. Once the bone volume is dense enough, you can move forward with other procedures.


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What are the benefits of bone grafting after tooth extraction?

  • It helps you to restore your jawbone mass, which in turn prevents future complications.
  • The procedure supports a number of your facial bones and structures, which is why it helps to improve your facial aesthetics.
  • Bone graft helps to support your remaining teeth and bones, so that no further damage occurs.
  • It also helps to improve the support of dental appliances like crowns, bridges, implants, etc.

Getting tooth extractions and bone grafting procedure in Plantation, FL

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