A nightguard looks quite similar to the dental trays used for teeth whitening. They are customized to sit over your teeth and protect them from grinding or clenching. The device is made of plastic and worn while you are sleeping to prevent you from unconsciously grinding your teeth.

Experienced dentists in Plantation, FL, recommend nightguards if you have bruxism issues. Bruxism can cause you to clench or grind your teeth, typically when you are asleep. It mostly happens unconsciously, but for some people, it can happen under stress, when they are awake.

The primary aim of the nightguard is to separate your top, and bottom teeth set so that they do not get damaged from each other due to grinding or clenching.


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What are the reasons to wear a nightguard?

Custom nightguards at our dental office in Plantation, FL, are made according to the shape of your mouth; thus, they can fit you comfortably. There are several reasons for wearing custom nightguards, like:

  • Teeth grinding can cause pain and headaches, lasting all day long. Nightguards help you to avoid that.
  • It helps to prevent TMJ disorder.
  • Bruxism can cause teeth erosion and damage, which can lead to complex dental issues in the future. Nightguards help to prevent that.
  • Bruxism and TMJ disorder can lead to complicated issues in the future, and treating them would involve a lot of hassles, along with time and money. Thus, by opting for nightguards, you will be able to save your time and also money.

Getting nightguards in Plantation, FL

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