Deep Cleaning (SRP)

Deep cleaning or scaling and root planing (SRP) is the process of cleaning your teeth and below the gumlines to remove plaque, tartar, and gum disease-causing bacteria. The procedure includes smoothing the root surface of your teeth by cleaning all the hard calculus and deposit from below the gums. This procedure is only advised to patients suffering from periodontal disease- it helps save their teeth and restores their gum health.

Thus, it can be said that deep cleaning is more thorough or intensive than regular cleaning. As it involves cleaning deep below your gums, hence the procedure might involve some pain or discomfort. But, do not worry about that, as your dentist in Plantation, FL, will numb the area before the treatment begins.


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How many deep cleaning sessions do I need?

The deep cleaning procedure is quite intensive and, thus, needs to be carried out by an efficient and experienced periodontist in Plantation, FL. The appointment starts with removing dental plaque from your teeth and below the gum line. An antimicrobial solution is also used to reduce the bacteria. If you have calculus deposits inside your gum pockets, that is cleaned thoroughly, and the root planing procedure takes place to reattach your gum to the teeth surface.

Depending on your dental conditions, your periodontist might recommend deep cleaning twice a year or more. Some patients are also suggested to come to our dental office in Plantation, FL, in every 3-4 months. Our dentist will thoroughly check your mouth, understand the extent of your periodontal diseases, and then decide how often you need to undergo the treatment. Also, remember to follow all the instructions given by your dentist and follow proper oral hygiene measures between appointments.

Getting deep cleaning in Plantation, FL

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