Dental Bridges are fixed restorations that help to replace one or missing teeth. It fills the gap created by a missing tooth and restores your smile, bite, and overall oral health. So if you have one or more missing teeth in a row, contact your dentist in Plantation, FL, to know if bridges are the right solution for you.

The bridge helps to fill the gap with one or more artificial teeth. A bridge is typically made of crowns and placed on either side of your missing teeth. They are either cemented with the help of other pontics or a dental implant. However, to get tooth-supported dental implants, you will need healthy teeth on either side of your missing teeth.


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What problems can dental bridges fix?

Your teeth work together in unison. If one tooth is missing, other teeth will move into the empty space, creating bite and alignment problems. A dental bridge helps to solve this and several other issues, like:

  • Chewing difficulties
  • Pain caused due to additional stress on your teeth and jaws
  • Getting self-conscious about your smile aesthetics.

Getting dental bridges in Plantation, FL

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